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Cranio Sacral Therapy Canberra

Cranio Sacral Therapy helps resolve the trapped forces that underlie patterns of disease and fragmentation in both body and mind. This involves the practitioner "listening through the hands" to the body's subtle rhythms and any patterns of inertia or congestion. Through the development of subtle skills the practitioner can read the story of the body, identify places where issues are held and then follow the natural priorities for healing. The intention of treatment is to enhance the body's own self-healing capabilities.

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Craniosacral therapy (CST) is body work using gentle touch and support to aid the patient's tissues to achieve optimum alignment and function within the body. It is said that cerebrospinal fluid can be adjusted by a series of techniques and movements. The regulation of the flow of this cerebrospinal fluid aids in "primary respiration".

This relaxation remedy brings balance and peace to babies, children and adults. With the patient lying fully clothed on a treatment table, the therapist either supports or lightly connects with specific points about your head, lower back and other specified areas, working wherever the body indicates priority.

Craniosacral therapy was developed in the 1970’s by an Osteopath; Dr John Upledger 1932 - 2012. He did graduate work in biochemistry and allopathic medicine. While assisting in neurosurgery, Upledger observed a previously undiscovered (by Medicine) rhythmic pulse known to cranial Osteopaths as the ‘cranial rhythm’, resulting from the intermittent production and constant re-absorption of cerebrospinal fluid.

Intrigued, Upledger discovered that it is possible to optimise and work directly with the immune system to restore and rebalance damaged tissues and much more. He did pioneering work on the treatment of PTSD with Vietnam veterans. 2 From 1975 to 1983, Upledger and neurophysiologist and histologist Ernest Retzlaff worked at Michigan State University as clinical researchers and professors.3 During the process, the therapist focuses on fine movements, tuning in with the patient. Patients often report feelings of profound relaxation during and after the treatment session brought about by the endocannabinoid system. 4 The client may access memory which may be relevant and beneficial to the release of stress, tension or trauma.

Marie-Ange works closely with the principles taught by her tutor and mentor Graeme O’Brien (1947-2011) who acquired his cranio-sacral body work from Dr John Upledger & associates. Marie-Ange was associated with Graeme and his wonderful work for 20 years.