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Yoga Canberra

Yoga’s journey began over 5,000 years ago in a culture from the Indus Valley, an area known today as the Himalayan region. This geographically isolated culture asked themselves questions about life, suffering and developed wisdom from their philosophies. Yoga is about cultivating a healthy mind and body.

One of the most fundamental principles on which the System of Yoga is based is Viniyoga, which highlights the uniqueness of each individual. With Viniyoga, the style of yoga does not matter.  It is what we teach and its outcomes with the person that matters.  Yoga is about optimising benefits and minimising risk, promoting healthy living. It is about the integrated development of postures (asana), conscious breathing practices (pranayama) and meditation.

To many, Yoga is synonymous with achievement, alignment and adjustment when, in fact, the ultimate aim of a Yoga practice is to let go of the mind completely. It is about consciously letting go of all fluctuations and thoughts in the mind so we experience moments of quiet and inner peace. Yoga can provide freedom from our mind so we can return to the true nature of ourselves.

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