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Iridology is the study of the colored part of the eye (the iris) to determine potential health problems. Iridologists believe that changing patterns and markings in the iris can be used to reveal emerging conditions in every part of the body.

Naturopaths use Iridology as a diagnostic tool.It is also known as Iris diagnosis, iridodiagnosis or iridiagnosis.

Iridology is not a treatment therapy but rather a diagnostic tool used to detect underlying signs of developing disease patterns.

The iridologist with the aid of a magnifying light scope identify various marks, signs and discolouration within and around the iris. The iris may reveal what is going on internally and whether the individual has an over or under activity within specific areas, tissues and organs of the body. Iridology may reveal inherited weaknesses and strengths. In fact, Iridology reveals a very specific map from which significant features are identified.

Therefore, the iris can be an important diagnostic tool without detecting a specific disease. The goal of Iridology is to recognise health problems at their earliest stages and offers the practitioner suggest ways to keep disease pathways from developing.

Iridology is safe, non-invasive and painless. The Iridologist will examine your eye with a slit-lamp, penlight or magnifying glass with the examination and consultation taking one hour. Follow ups are usually done annually and on occasions 6 monthly.

Iridology identifies specific areas of the irides correspond to specific organs, tissues and body areas. Colours and textures and other definitions that deviate from the standard suggest biochemical changes. The topography of the iris relates to the body much as an atlas, this has been mapped by practitioners over the past 400 years.

The goal of Iridology is to recognise health problems at their earliest stages and offers the practitioner ways to keep disease pathways from developing.

How does Iridology work?

Essentially, nerve pathways from all over the body are continually sending information to the brain via the control centre of the brain known as the Hypothalamus and Thalamus which operate as monitors of all vital activities going on within the body. The Thalamus and Hypothalamus are connected via nerve fibres to the blood vessels, muscles and the surface of the irides. Nerve impulses are relayed from the brain where physiological changes develop in the iris tissue thus revealing information from all parts of the body that have a nerve supply.

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