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Homeopathy Canberra

Homoeopathy is a Complementary System of Medicine founded by Dr Samuel Hahnemann, a German Physician and it operates on the principle-‘Like Cures Like’. The Homoeopath working in our centre in Canberra, is classically trained from India with loads of experience. Homoeopathy individualizes to the client. Remedies are tailored not only to the clients’ symptoms but also to their personality types and to the reason they became ill.

Homoeopathy is interested in the why of our clients: Why did they fall sick? Why do they react to certain life situations in a particular way? Why do they express their emotions differently? It involves going deep into the details, their mental and emotional makeup takes high priority in prescribing homoeopathic medicines. For example, consider three people suffering from common cold, they all may not present with same symptoms. So, you see everyone responds to illness in their unique way. Homoeopathy considers this uniqueness while treating clients.

Homoeopathy is based on certain fundamental principles. The homoeopathic remedies which are used are tested on people (prover) to elicit the symptoms they produce. The details of the symptoms of each remedy experienced by these provers are recorded with utmost care. The Homoeopath after a thorough case taking and getting all the details of the ailments, matches the symptoms of the client with the symptoms of various remedies in Homoeopathic Materia Medica to find out a single remedy to empower the healing capacity of the body ( Like treats Like)

Homoeopathic medicines works with the Body’s own natural healing energy and empower this energy to ease the discomfort in the body. Along with the Homoeopathic medicine, the clients are provided:

  • Counselling to tackle their health issues
  • Lifestyle management with advice on Nutrition and eating habits
  • Support with Balanced Diet, Exercise, Meditation etc…
  • Come Experience!
    The Holistic Healing with Classical Homoeopathy to discover the Healthy YOU

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