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Rujuta is an Ayurvedic Lifestyle Consultant who has dedicated herself to the study of Ayurveda. She holds a Diploma in Ayurvedic Lifestyle Consultation from the Australasian Institute of Ayurvedic Studies, studying under Dr. Ajit B.A.M.S, P.C.A.S, the most experienced Vaidya (Ayurvedic Doctor) in Australiasia with over 40 years of expertise in the field.
    Having experienced the life-changing benefits of Ayurveda herself, Rujuta founded The Vedic Apothecary to empower her clients with the knowledge and tools for wellness and vitality. The name reflects her deep belief in the ancient wisdom of Vedic philosophy, including Ayurveda, in transforming an individual’s mental, emotional and physical wellbeing.
      Rujuta combines Ayurvedic knowledge with personalised care, recognising the uniqueness of everyone. She does not entertain superficial remedies and instead works with her clients to address mental, emotional, and physical issues at the casual level. Her specialties include Ayurvedic nutrition, digestive & gut health, mental health, stress management, fertility, and inflammatory conditions. Rujuta also excels in providing treatments for optimal health, and her treatment repertoire is below.
        Ayurvedic consultation and treatment menu Please contact Rujuta to discuss treatment suitability and combination-treatment plans. As a guide for best results, consider 2-3 treatments in 2 weeks for acute conditions, and 6-10 treatments over 2-3 months for chronic conditions.
          Contact information: To discuss treatments or to make an appointment with Rujuta please call 02 6262 6464 / 0403 767 416 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

            Ayurvedic consultation

            (Initial consultation $175 – 90min + 20min follow up to discuss the treatment plan, and follow up appointments $80 – 30min) During a consultation Rujuta will consider your health goals alongside your unique body type, history, environment, and life stage. She will then create a personalised health plan focusing on your goals, incorporating elements such as food, herbs, body care, movement, and breathwork or meditation. Rujuta will actively support and work with you to achieve your health goals and be available for follow up questions and appointments, ensuring that you have ongoing support and the opportunity to discuss any questions or progress you have made. Brindabella Natural Health Centre Text for the practitioners page Practitioners (


                ($140 – 50min per session) Shirodhara is a deeply calming and rejuvenating treatment that involves a gentle pouring of warm medicated oil onto the forehead and concludes with a blissful head massage. The therapy induces a relaxed state that supports psychosomatic balance, physiological wellness, and mental lucidity.

                Benefits can include:
              1. Addressing stress, anxiety, suppressed emotions.
              2. Aleviating migraines and chronic headaches.
              3. Adressing insomnia and interrupted sleep.
              4. Supporting hormonal and reproductive balance.
              5. Adressing some eye disorders.

                  Abhyanga massage

                  ($130 - 90min per session) Abhyanga (ab-hyan-ga) is a revitalising Ayurvedic massage designed to improve blood and lymph circulation and expel accumulated toxins from our tissues. By applying a warm- medicated oil in specific strokes, Abhyanga helps to rejuvenate the body, and supports vitality in the mind and body.

                  Benefits can include:
                1. Calming the nervous system and reducing stress (can improve sleep).
                2. Improving blood circulation and expelling toxins from the tissues.
                3. Stimulating and strengthening the lymphatic system to improve immune function.
                4. Countering tiredness and aging by nourishing internal tissues and expelling wastes.
                5. Nourishing and strengthening skin tissue for soft and healthy skin.

                    Marma massage

                    ($140 - 90min per session) Marma massage is a rejuvenating treatment that stimulates vital energy points in the body. The massage releases energy blockages, restores balance, and promotes the flow of vital life force. It includes a full abhyanga with marma-point activation.

                    Benefits can include:
                  1. The same benefits as abhyanga (promoting physiological wellness).
                  2. Reducing mental and physical stress by releasing energy blockages.

                      Kati Basti

                      ($130 – 45min per session) A Kati Basti is a remedial treatment for musculoskeletal pain and stiffness in the back e.g., lower back pain, discomfort or sciatica. It involves pouring warm medicated oil onto the affected area, enclosed by a dough dam. The oil penetrates and relaxes the muscles and joints, preparing the body for the subsequent massage. The treatment concludes with the application of an additional herbal oil and a warm compress.

                      Benefits can include:
                    1. Relieving pain, stiffness and inflammation in the back.
                    2. Enhancing circulation and removing toxins from the target area.
                    3. Improving muscle flexibility and joint mobility by gradually loosening tense muscles.